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Fundraising Events

It costs an average of £20,000 per month to run our special centre. As well as making regular funding applications and gratefully received donations, we host special events to help support our day to day running.


A lot of fun, they are one of our favourite things to do - we have the opportunity to meet, spend time with, and thank all our supporters, without whom we would be lost.

Coming up next we have:


Friday 26 April 2024
Pencils sharpened, pens at the ready and bring your general knowledge A game!

Teams of 4 & 8 available - speak to Jess for allocation, after booking below


6:30pm - Arrival

7pm - Your freshly made curry will be served

7:45pm - Dinner will finish with the opportunity to refresh your glasses

8pm - Quiz time

9:45pm - Quiz finish

10pm - Raffle

10:30pm - Last orders

10:45pm - The results

11pm - Taxis

Difficulties booking online, please contact the office 

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